goshenfrontpicLocation: Goshen, NY

Status: Abandoned

In the early 90′s, I remember my mother telling me that she read an article stating that some dead bodies were discovered at an abandoned house in Goshen, NY. For years, I had forgotten about this until someone else mentioned it. About 10 years later, she nor anyone else seemed to know the real story of what happened. At first we were told that in 1992 serial killer Nathaniel White picked up women from bars in the area, stabbed them to death, and buried the bodies of at least 3 of the victims on the property of this creepy abandoned house. We were later corrected and told that the bodies were found at the remains of the burned down Hillcrest Manor Restaurant, which is practically right next door to the farmhouse. However, a few people have told us they have heard an entirely different story in relation to the farmhouse and in fact bodies once were found there not in connection to the White murders. Urban legend? Maybe. Perhaps people are confused about the location where White left the bodies of his victims, or it’s even possible that something happened in this strange house years prior to the White murders.

When we looked inside the house, we saw all of the tell-tale signs that the house had been broken into and violated for many years–wallpaper was ripped from the walls, doors were torn from the hinges, windows were broken, and garbage was strewn about the rooms. We found it strange, however, that there was no graffiti anywhere to be seen even though it was obvious that this was and/or still is a popular party spot for teenagers.

Surrounding the house are a barn and another shed-like structure that looked quite unstable and we didn’t dare go into. Luckily, they were just open enough that we could take pictures of the interior from the outside. A rope dangling from the ceiling of the barn was visible from the outside along with a single chair just standing in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately, in order to obtain pictures of these things, one would have to fight through fallen trees and pricker bushes and climb up the side of the crumbling barn, but no one was dressed nor prepared for such a feat.

The basement was flooded with a few inches of water, but what was inside could easily be seen just by walking up to the door. Piles of junk and cinder blocks littered the flooded basement, and way in the back stood a workbench with a stack of paint cans on top of it. It was in the basement that the photos of what could be orbs were taken.

Soon after posting the Goshen Farmhouse story on the old Midnight Society site, I was forwarded this email along with an attached picture:


First, sorry about my English! I hope my mail makes sense at least most of the time…

I’m from such a far place as Finland and have been browsing through your site couple of times just to find out how amusing your stories and pictures are! It has become a kind of tradition for me and a couple of my friends to have some beer and browse through stories of haunted places. Thanks for such a treat!

But now to the point:

I found one picture (namely the bathroom pic goshenhouse34.jpg) of Goshen Farmhouse on your website somehow “sad” and immediately thought how it could be enhanced to bring out the best of it. That’s why I downloaded it and began working on it with my trusty Paint Shop Pro 7. I did some retouching and removed some details while bringing forward others. You may see the result as goshenbathroom.jpg I have attached to this mail.

While I was looking at the picture I had just created I suddenly noticed something weird in it: There is a definite face on the floor! To me it looks quite evil and soon I began seeing other parts, too, like arm (leg?) to the left of the face and chest below it! Since I was alone at the moment it got me pretty freaked! I have done a picture highlighting this appearance and it is the another file attached to this mail, goshenevil.jpg.

Since reading your article about Goshen Farmhouse I wouldn’t be the first one to go see this room in person! Now the face is easily seen in the original picture too, since it’s easy to look at the right spot.

Thanks for reading my mail and I hope your website continues to bring new interesting places and stories out to public!

Oh, and I hope this mail didn’t cause any problems since it’s nearly 100 kb in

- Kari Laakso

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- Ange, 2002


Farmhouse 2002

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